Sale Results

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Hip #Yearling NameConsignorSireDamSexPurchased By Purchase Price
1Fox Valley Ramiro FVSSomestarsomewherePacific Sister KC
2Fox Valley Rozalie FVSCan't Afford ItRacy RozF
3Fox Valley KodiakFVSTime To RollPalen PowerC
4Fox Valley ElleFVSSomestarsomewhereBubbas Joicey BF
5Fox Valley Hawk FVSSomestarsomewhereFox Valley ShakeitC
6Dandy's GratitudeDandy FarmWorld of RocknrollDandy's LoveF
7Fox Valley Coral FVSCan't Afford ItFish Is FishF
8Fox Valley Juniper FVSSomestarsomewhereFoolishlittlegirlF
9Fox Valley GinaFVSTime To RollParty HangoverF
10Ashlee's KaydenHamm Family TrustAshlee's Big GuyHazel NutC
11Fox Valley Tiegen FVSCan't Afford ItFox Valley DivaF
12Fox Valley Lansing FVSTime To RollFox Valley FloraC
13YF RaeletsgoChester YoderCan't Afford ItMacie RaeC
14SuenadoFVS Agent for Brian Kennedy DVMSomestarsomewhereLady HackerF
15Dandy's Final CardDandy Farm, Bruce & Linda GriderWorld of RocknrollCarta FinalC
16Legacy's VictoryOakwood FarmLou's LegacyLady RobinC
17Fox Valley Kara FVSTime To RollAnother HanoverF
18Fox Valley JuniorFVSCan't Afford ItFox Valley StrataC
19Fox Valley Beacon FVSSomestarsomewhereFox Valley StunnerF
20Fox Valley NovaFVSTime To RollRedhot And RichF
21ChiquititaLittle Brindle StableYankee SkycaperString BetF
22Fox Valley TaranFVSSomestarsomewhereFox Valley ToucheF
23Fox Valley Lima FVSTime To RollHeavens BettorhalfC
24Fox Valley Jessie FVSCan't Afford ItHollywood JessF
25Dandy's Valley ViewDandy Farm, Bruce & Linda GriderWorld of RocknrollA Very Nice HorseF
26Shady Maple AbylouFreeman MastLou's LegacyBands Rumor Has ItF
27Fox Valley Cole FVSSomestarsomewhereLaughing Once MoreC
28Fox Valley HushFVSTime To RollIn A WhisperF
29It's FastHamm Family TrustCan't Afford ItMalfa CenturaC
30Fox Valley Durham FVSTime To RollPut On A DisplayC
31Fox Valley Egypt FVSCan't Afford ItLil Miss TutF
32Fox Valley Combat FVSTime To RollLR Dancing DreamF
33Fox Valley Paulo FVSCan't Afford ItLuisaC
34Dandy's PatriotDandy FarmStevensvilleMore DiamondsC
35Dew Of HeavenJNM FarmsNew Jersey VikingCordele ASF
36Fox Valley Nautica FVSCan't Afford ItMs BrittaniaC
37RollinoffdatracksFVSTime To RollOfficial LineC
38Dandy's TinkerbellDandy Farm, Bruce & Linda GriderWorld of RocknrollStonebridge ProudF
39YF Grove DukeChester YoderCan't Afford ItMaple Grove EllenC
40You Never Can TellWilt StandardbredsSomestarsomewhereShe's So HotC
41Little LilahOakwood FarmLou's LegacyLittle RigsF
42Fox Valley Tessa FVSTime To RollShe's Da BombF
43Dandy's ShipDandy FarmWorld of RocknrollLove This PlaceC
44Fox Valley Aimhigh FVSSomestarsomewhereFox Valley AmieF
45Goshen Trail HollyMahlon MastLost In TimeHoosier RikkiC
46Fox Valley Tyrel FVSTime To RollTyler TooC
47My Miss AmeliaFVS Agent for Brian Kennedy DVMCan't Afford ItRun The WorldF
48Fox Valley TatumFVSTime To RollFox Valley ToriF
49Nannah Ashlee'sHamm Family TrustAshlee's Big GuyNannah MontanaF
50Dandy's TornadoDandy Farm, Bruce & Linda GriderWorld of RocknrollMahna MahnaC
51Fox Valley Analee FVSSomestarsomewhereRock With DelightF
52Fox Valley York FVSTime To RollRoll With JosieF
53Fox Valley Bond FVSCan't Afford ItSara The SpyC
54Platinum SharkLittle Brindle StableRevenge SharkPlatinum RocksF
55Fox Valley ReemFVSSomestarsomewhereSexy Card SharkF
56Fox Valley Webb FVSCan't Afford ItShare My SecretC
57Fox Valley Sadie FVSTime To RollShe Likes It AllF
58Miss LarryFVS Agent for Brian Kennedy DVMSomestarsomewhereWilling HeartF
59Dandy's Ladies ManDandy FarmStevensvilleTame The DameC
60Fox Valley Tasha FVSTime To RollDej'a Vu GuruF
61YF Always AwinninChester YoderAlways A VirginFox Valley TulipC
62Fox Valley SydneyFVSTime To RollSubway HanoverF
63Fox Valley JulianFVSSomestarsomewhereTheladyappealstomeC
64Dandy's ReyDandy Farm, Bruce & Linda GriderWorld of RocknrollU All BBF
65AshleecodmufflerHamm Family TrustAshlee's Big GuyWatifthere'smoreC
66Dandy's GirlDandy FarmNew Jersey VikingKeep It ClassyF
67Fox Valley Tesla FVSTime To RollShes A Hot MessC
68Fox Valley August FVSSomestarsomewhereToday is the DayF
69Fox Valley Shay FVSSomestarsomewhereTosca HanoverF
70Jewel's ChampOakwood FarmLou's LegacyJesse's JewelC
71Rick The RocketFVS Agent for Nick GibersonTime To RollMy Heart Was TrueC
72Fox Valley VeniceFVSSomestarsomewhereVasmajorty HanoverF
73Fox Valley Parker FVSCan't Afford ItYankee Victory OMC
74Dandy's MS SwiftyDandy FarmStevensvilleChar N MargF
75YF CinderellaChester YoderSomestarsomewhereNuclear CcinoF
76NegotiatorFVS Agent for Dale & Cathy KanitzSomestarsomewhereFox Valley JazzyC
77IllinoisFVS Agent Rockin ImageFox Valley CharmC
78Fox Valley HarleyFVSCan't Afford ItHot SpringsC
79Fox Valley Carlos FVSSomestarsomewhereFox Valley LynC
80Fox Valley ReevaFVSSomestarsomewhereSimoneF
81Fox Valley Bruin FVSYankee SkycaperEponaC